Frequently Asked Questions

Do I add salt every time it rains and how much?

No, all salt chlorinators are designed to operate efficiently at a set salt level, depending on the brand and model of the unit. Adding too much salt can harm your salt chlorinator, causing damage or shortening its usable life. Always have your salt level checked at Pool & Spa Megastore to see if you really need to add any. Just tell us the brand of salt chlorinator and some details about your pool and we’ll do the rest.

Is all pool salt the same?

No! There are lower grades of pool salt sometimes found in large, mass merchants. Often this is cheaper to buy, but has not been processed like the premium grades of salt we sell, even though they may come from the same supplier or same processing area. Lower-graded salt has had less processing, which means it has a higher moisture content adding to the weight and higher iron content, which means less value for money and that unsightly coffee stain in the bottom of your pool. Our Ultrapure Pool Salt is premium quality, food grade salt used in the food industry which is so pure it contains no metals or additives so it cannot stain your pool and is super-fast dissolving.

Do I need calcium in my pool?

Yes, calcium plays a very important part in balancing your pool water. If insufficient calcium is maintained in the water the water tries to balance itself by drawing calcium or other minerals from your pool surface or equipment. The most common sign of long-term low calcium levels is leaching spots on pebblecrete, quartzon, tiled and marble-coated surfaces. As these surfaces contain calcium in different forms, the water attempts to dissolve the calcium from the surfaces, leaving it weakened and discoloured with a noticeable calcium scale build-up. If the water has excessive amounts of calcium it tends to want to get rid of it by plating it out on the pool surfaces, including inside pipework and filtration. This can be noticeable on the pool surface as it feels like sandpaper and tends to stain quite easily.

Will chlorine and acid fix my green pool?

Maybe, if you’re lucky! There is more and more chlorine-resistant algae popping up every season, reducing your chances of a 100% kill rate with chlorine. If you dose with chlorine and acid and it happens to be a chlorine-resistant algae you will have wasted your money and time as the algae will simply come back stronger, requiring larger doses of more potent chemicals to kill it, or even the extreme of emptying and cleaning your pool. As for acid, it’s great for lowering your ph and alkalinity, but no good for killing algae. So come see us about treating your green pool properly the first time or ask us about a prevention program and save your hard-earnt money and time.

Are all spas the same?

No! In recent years more and more cheap and imported spas have been entering the Australian market place. Some of these do not comply with our strict Australian electrical safety guidelines or the Australian Safety Standards regarding flow rates and hair entanglement issues. Always buy Australian made and Australian Standards approved for quality and safety, giving you peace of mind and long-term investment in your spa. We at Pool & Spa Megastore take pride in being the Gold Coast’s Sapphire Spas dealership. Sapphire spas are Australian-made and the range starts from a small three-seater that is ideal for replacing your tired, old spa bath with a more economical and therapeutic spa, right up to the big, swim spas with multiple uses, from the kids just splashing around to swim training against a strong flow of water or just simply relaxing in your very own spa seat and watching the world go by. The Sapphire spa range can be used any time as it’s always full and always hot!